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Saturday, May 31, 2008

How to Print Pictures Form a Digital Camera
I seem to be getting asked how to print digital pictures from your camera quite frequently lately. Here is how you do it.

  1. Go to a reputable website that does digital prints. I've put one here that gives you the first few for free.
  2. Free Prints
  3. Sign-up in their website...
  4. Upload your pictures using their upload service. This is a bit like e-mailing them the pictures. This website has options when you choose to upload. I recommend using their PhotoStreamer® 2 software.
  5. Order the pictures you want printed... size... quantity, etc...
  6. Pictures come in the mail...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Is This Blog For You?

I work from home... on the road... just about everywhere. I find it hard to find the technology and items that make my life easier, at the price I want to pay.

  • I want software that has value. Not too expensive and if it is it is well worth the money.
  • I want technology that keeps me in touch with my customers and associates (without them knowing I'm golfing or at the coffee shop, if possible)
  • I want services that will make my job easier and pay for themselves multiple times over by increasing my profits.
  • I want everything the corporate people have without the cost and headaches.
If this is you then you should come back and read this blog. You are why I'm writing it... I'll give you advice and easy links to the products and services I outline and discuss. I'll even try to get you the best prices possible.

Don't forget to bookmark me.